Authenticity Gallery
December 2, 2006-December 31, 2013

Dear Friends of Authenticity Gallery,

It isn't everyday that someone can say they pursued a dream,
were supported and encouraged by many and had the most loyal
and talented staff ever....but I can say those things.

Authenticity had a good run. We opened on Congress Avenue December 2006 as part
of the Austin vision to make Congress Avenue the place for shoppers and diners. We
gave it our best but it wasn't enough.

In 2011 we relocated to the Hill Country Galleria to be part of the
growing Bee Cave area. We have enjoyed being one of the many
locally owned and operated businesses here.

They say all good things must come to an end.....and so we shall on December 31, 2013.

I am saddened to close but I hold the most wonderful, warm memories of the good
times, funny times and (to be honest) challenging times. All the experiences and
lessons learned were truly the best life has to offer. I am forever grateful for the support
and love of the following amazing people in my life.

  • Michael Johnson, Sten Sandgren and Sarah Jusiewicz-my family
  • Erin DeLeon
  • Sara Nezamabadi
  • Sarah Williams
  • Courtney Odell
  • Jenny Summe
  • Alex Heine
  • Sarah Treanor
  • Amanda Torres
  • Lauren Cevallos

I wish all of you the best for 2014!!!

You can still reach us on Facebook.


In Authenticity’s Name
December 2006-December 2013

In the final hours of this year,
Authenticity Gallery will close her eyes,
Fold her wings a final time,
And let go her last breath.
Except in the memories of those who nurtured her,
She will pass away.

Ah, you adore her unforgettable wings, bright eyes, sweet and arty breath.
With sturdy love you nurtured her these seven years.
Your own heart and dreams written on her wings,
You saw with her eyes,
And drew deep her sweet breath with your own.

You and she gathered up such determined love and support
from the amazing young women who were drawn to her and you,
To urge her to flight, to cleanse her wounds, and dream her dreams to life.

And God knows she is beautiful.
Brimming high with air and color and light,
Bursting with things made by the clever minds and hands of earth artists -
The kind, the crazy, the generous, the true.
She is chocked full of things and visions so few steps from the raw earth, essential matter,
wrought in processes ancient and new.
All so much connected to Authentic nature – in Authenticity’s Name.

So joyful and now so sad.
That all the making and dreaming and working,
All the loving and sweating and urging,
Was not enough.
She never could catch flight – she never did catch flight.
Wings without wind are never enough.
And people cannot be wind.

So let’s lift a glass to the dream of Authenticity Gallery.
And lift again to your giant and tireless spirit.
And again still to those big hearted people who traveled with you and her.
And let us drink deep.

Now let’s wrap her tight in the still strong garment of our dreams.
Let’s anoint her with our tears.
Let’s place her softly into the stream of time,
And watch as she drifts from sight,
But not from mind.

Christmas, 2013